Both boys ended up in bed with us last night. That hasn’t happened in a long while. And in the meantime, they’ve grown.

First there was the middle of the night call from Ben–he had a nightmare. Andy went up to check on him, and next thing I know he’s climbing in alongside me. He and Licky, one of his favorite stuffed animals. I can’t tell you the last time Ben climbed into our bed. It was kind of fun.

Then minutes later the other one was standing next to me. The commotion woke him, and then he didn’t want to be alone upstairs. Fair enough. So we let them both squeeze into the middle, and I hugged the edge of the mattress. This morning I’m a little groggy and my muscles are aching, there’s a kink in my neck. But I just keep wondering how many more years we have before the boys are too big for this. And I like their snuggles.

I just wish we had a bigger bed.