Yes, I am aware it is Tuesday. Just trying to keep my head above water around here.

M leftovers (see, it wasn’t exciting  anyway)

T Mac & Cheese with Roasted Broccoli (Thank you, Panera knock off, for bringing the love of homemade mac back into our home!)

W Make your own Tostadas with Spanish Rice (Ben’s latest fav combo is lettuce, cheese and salsa. Does that count as a meal???) then off to Will’s Christmas program at school!

Th Slow Cooker Pork and Beans with Apple-Swiss Salad (thanks, Renee!)

F Pizza Night (Christmas party for Mom and Dad!)

S Pasta, Sausage and Bean Ragout (from one of my favorite author’s newsletter–I know, I find recipes in the strangest places!)

S Old Fahioned Chicken and Dumplings with Green Bean Salad

This weekend is all birthdays–Will’s party and one for our friend Noah, born one week after Will. Then I can start thinking about Christmas and New Years plans. These December birthdays really throw me for a loop. Even though they happen every year!