Reverb 10 prompt: December 5 – Let Go. What (or whom) did you let go of this year? Why? (Author: Alice Bradley)

Andy and I have a standing joke about lowering expectations. All kidding aside, I think some expectations are what I let go of this year. Never having been particularly sick in my 40+ years, starting off 2010 recovering from surgery and gearing up for chemo demanded my attention and consequently a  certain level of letting go of expectations. Needing to focus on my health, I learned to pass on social obligations in favor of resting at home. I learned to let friends come in and do for us those things that usually fall in my camp. And I learned to let go of some expectations of myself and my family.

I wouldn’t say I had any kind of profound epiphany. Truth is, I never have been one to sweat the small stuff. I’m usually pretty good at deciding, yeah, that’s good enough. But still, it took concerted effort to back off my obligations. I didn’t show up in Ben’s classroom as often as I would have liked. I might have let a couple preschool projects slide, knowing Will’s teacher would understand. I tried not to feel guilty shirking some responsibilities with my volunteer commitments. And somehow, everyone got along just fine. And I got the rest I needed.

Looking ahead to a new year, I hope to learn from this year and get better about keeping balance. I want to put my time and effort to activities that are important to me, not just the things I think I should  be doing. And somehow I think I will have plenty of options.

Oh, and you might have noticed I am skipping some of the prompts in this project. I’m choosing to let those go, too.