So, yesterday as I picked Will up from an afternoon of playing “house” with cute little Addison, it occurred to me that aside from his best friend Jack, Will pretty much hangs with the ladies. And it’s not one-sided. He is consistently in high demand for playdates with all the cute little girls in his preschool class. This is all fine and good until he starts saying things like this:

A few weeks ago he was hanging with me as I got ready for the day, messing around with his hair. He says, “Mommy, I want to have awesome hair because girls really like awesome hair.”

Then the other night he was filling his fire truck bank with precious coins and shared this little gem: “I want to have a lot of money so all the girls will chase me.”

Really? Should I be worried, or should all the local moms with preschool girls be the ones quivering in their boots?