We are nearing the end of frog season. Yesterday Ben and Andy took a walk and found a big one across the street. Ben came bouncing home beside himself excited about the catch.

While the boys were playing with him, the frog escaped into the garden. Hunting through the lamb’s ear for the escapee, we happened upon two toads–right there under our noses!

Thus, our afternoon of entertainment was handled.

Speaking of easy entertainment, today’s adventure revolved around driving Andy to the airport. The only thing as exciting as frogs for these boys just might be all the activity that surrounds O’Hare. We saw trains and airplanes up close as we completed the drop-off lap around the airport. Then I treated them to lunch at the oasis. They enjoyed McDonalds while watching cars stream beneath their feet. Oh, and that is a great location for a little slug bug competition. (Ben won.)