Saturday we had a picnic with the cub scouts to work on some badge activities. In Ben’s den the parents take turns running the meetings. It is no surprise that Andy volunteered for the “Prepare an outdoor meal” (aka grilling 101) activity. He taught the boys about grill safety, planning what to eat and how much to cook (How many of you want hot dogs? Raise your hand if you want a hamburger), then handed over the tongs (gasp!) and let each boy take a turn turning over the meat.

Afterward the boys learned how to make a yummy treat on the grill, then everyone enjoyed the spoils of their efforts.

We had such a beautiful afternoon, it was perfect for spending the day at the park and sharing food with friends. The parents chatted and the kids played into the early evening hours.

Now the boys are hard at work on the Space Derby rocket. That will be at the pack meeting Thursday. Boy Scouts has quickly become Ben’s favorite extracurricular activity, and there always seems to be something to look forward to just around the corner.