The calendar says spring is here. I look out my window and beg to differ. We woke this morning to snow. . .not just a dusting, but a serious snow cover, the kind that bends tree branches and piles up at the end of the driveway (I hate that!). 

Saturday we were basking in the sun, flirting with spring-weight jackets and toe revealing shoes. Today I had to pull out the boots. Wool socks cannot go into cold storage just yet. I contemplated buying a new scarf to boost my mood, but then I realized the stores are only selling swimsuits and capris. Because it is APRIL!

Now, I am not naive. I’ve spent most of my life in Chicago, and I am well acquainted with snow in April. I’ve been to the Cubs home opener in the snow before, bundling up like I’m going to a Bears game. But it still surprises me every time. And it’s cruel when we’ve just been teased with a relatively warm sunny day.

Ben said it. Snow go Bye, Bye. We want summer!