So there are two things I have never understood:

1. Blogs

2. spending hours surfing the internet

Both became clear to me this past month as they serendipitously merged. It all started because I was looking for storage ideas for my new craft space. I Googled “scrapbook studios” and was launched into all sorts of scrapbookers’s  blogs. Since then I have become addicted to checking up on some of my favorites for creative inspiration.

Another thing I have learned is that if you Google “organizing Legos” you will discover that (a) Legos might be the single most popular toy on the planet, (b) figuring out how to organize them consumes as much energy as figuring out how to organize scrapbook supplies, and (c) there are a lot of moms out there with blogs.

I do wish there were more people out there with proper writing skills. Why is it that no one seems to know the difference between loose and lose? 

The bottom line is I have learned a whole new way to waste far too much time on the internet, wandering from this blog to that one. I have, however, discovered some great new recipes and several ideas for Grandpa’s birthday gift to Ben this year! (Get your jigsaw ready, Grandpa)

Oh, and now that I’ve figured out how to post pictures, my picture loading thingy broke, so it will be a while.